Cheetah Cleaning Services

What we do

Carpets & Rugs

We use the latest processes and techniques to deliver the best results each and every time.

Stain Removers & De-greasers

We only use the best quality and tested brands on your carpets, rugs, fabrics, mattresses and upholstery to ensure the very best results at all times.

Carpet & Rug cleaning - Dry clean (for seagrass etc.)

Firstly we pre-vacuum to remove dry soilage and debris. Stains are treated with a dry cleaning solution. Then we apply a dry granual compound and work into the pile with a brush, we then vacuum leaving the carpet fresh and clean.

This process is ideal for carpets with a woven backing such as the cotton straw type as they tend to have a high risk of shrinkage.

Dries immediately.

Carpet & Rug cleaning - Wet clean

Firstly we identify the carpet construction to establish which heat setting to use, a process similar to how your washing machine selects the best setting for your clothes. We pre-vacum to remove all dry soliage and debris then pre-spray with a degreaser and disinfectant to further loosen soilage and eliminate germs. All stains are then treated, then we use our carpet cleaning machine to extract all dirt, dust and grime. This again leaves the carpet, clean, germ-free and bright.

Drying times vary.

Carpets & Rugs - Steam cleaning with hot water extraction

A common misconception is that all carpets and furnishings are generally steam-cleaned. The heat generated from steam would damage most fabrics and carpets causing scald damage.

Hot water extraction is the safest and most effective process. Though some carpets can withstand steam cleaning it is dependant on the overall construction and backing. We can advise you on the best method on inspection.

Quick Drying Technology