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Leather cleaning - Wet clean (Finished leather)

Our concise 3 stage leather cleaning is one of the best on the market. We vacum any loose debris and wet clean any fabric lining. We spray a solvent based cleaning solution with disinfectant and then work this into the leather. This breaks down dirt and soilage, ready to be dried off with sterile towels. The leather is then nourished with a cleaner and conditioner. The process is then completed with a concerntrated conditioner which restores the original colour and prevents cracking.

Ready to use in 30 minutes.

Leather cleaning (Unfinished leather)

The same process applies as per the finished leather cleaning. Please note that most stains are permanent as they tend to embed into leather itself. You can easily identify unfinished leather by placing a wet cloth over an inconspicuous area. It tends to leave a wet patch or water mark.

Drying times vary.

Quick Drying Technology