Cheetah Cleaning Services

What we do


Upholstery cleaning - Wet clean

Firstly we pre vacum fabric to remove dry soilage and debris. We further spray with degreaser and disinfectant to break down soilage and eliminate germs. Any remaining stains are pre-treated before cleaning with a correct water temperature for the fabric. We then deep clean with our specialist machines with a low pH cleaning powder treated with a conditioner to then remove all dirt and germs leaving your upholstery fabric looking clean, fresh and germ-free.

Drying times vary.

Car upholstery - Wet clean

The same process applies as per the upholstery cleaning as well as the dashboard with trims being polished with cleaning of door shuts, roof lining, carpet mats as well as the boot.

Drying times vary.

Upholstery cleaning - Dry clean

This process is used when colours are at risk of running or if shrinkage is likely to occur. This makes wet cleaning impractical. All dry soilage and debris is pe-vacumed.

We then pre-spray with a dry cleaning solvent-based solution to further loosen any remaining soilage. Stains are treated separately.

Tassles and fringes are also cleaned. We finally give it a final vacum, leaving your fabrics looking colour-bright, clean and fresh.

Quick Drying Technology